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Taking Care of You

The purpose of a psychiatric evaluation is to diagnose, emotional, behavioral or developmental conditions or disorders. This initial evaluation provided by either the psychiatrist or nurse practitioner is comprehensive but medical in nature. It will explore many aspects and typically will last 45 minutes. Upon completion of the evaluation, the doctor or nurse practitioner will arrive at a psychiatric diagnosis and may prescribe medication. Referrals to therapists may also be offered as additional treatment for symptoms accompanying the diagnosis.

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation includes:

  • A thorough description of present symptoms and behaviors

  • Effects of behaviors or symptoms on

    • Work performance

    • School performance

    • Interpersonal relationships and interactions

  • Personal and family history, especially psychiatric and developmental disorders

  • Substance abuse history

  • Complete medical history, including a description of physical health

  • Laboratory studies, including blood tests and special assessments

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